Columbia River Rd. W/Old Ringold Rd.

25 Oct

Most of you may be familiar with Taylor Flats Rd. in north Pasco. About 11 miles out of Pasco take a left off of Taylor Flats and onto Fir Rd. Continue west on Fir until you reach a winery, its confusing once you reach the winery however Fir actually follows around it on the left. Once you have passed the winery the road will continue west towards the river. At the bottom of the hill on the right is a small dirt road the follows west parallel to the Columbia, this is Columbia River Rd. W. Continue north just a short distance and the road becomes very narrow, on your right will be a very sharp basalt rock wall and on the left the road is eroding into the river. The road is deep river rock and I would not suggest driving here without 4WD or in the rain. Try to keep a bit of motion and stay as close to the wall as you can due to the lack of space on the river side. When exploring this trail I stopped about a mile along because the road started to tilt very sharply towards the river and I was nervous about sliding in, so please be careful. I advise you take this drive during the day. Anything east of this road is all private property and is posted as such, once again we do not condone trespassing without permission. This road can be dangerous to those who don’t have much experience so please don’t be stupid, if you feel that you cannot continue safely then turn around.

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