Windmills/Jump off Joe via Owens Rd.

15 Oct

Also know as Jump off Joe, if you live in the Tri-Cities and you haven’t been to the windmills this is a must see. Accessing the windmills is very easy, access to them is on all public roads so you wont get in any trouble. Just don’t get too close to them because they are on private property. Also its a very beautiful view point day or night once you get to the top. Also Jump off Joe Rd. eventually connects with 9 Canyon Rd. and is a very nice trek over the mountain. If your looking for a good place for target practice or just to sight in a new scope, Owens road serves as a good bullet catcher, but tread lightly and make sure to leave with all the garbage you came in with. Remember that if you are not on the county road then you may be on private property.


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